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Zoho CRM is a powerful sales tool that more and more businesses are adopting as part of their growth strategy. Its wide range of enterprise-level sales automation features unlocks sales teams’ potential by shifting their focus away from time consuming manual administrative work to building relationships and closing deals.

Despite its potential, it has been our experience that most companies currently using Zoho CRM are not yet taking advantage of all the features they are paying for. This is to say nothing of the potential of extending the power of Zoho CRM into the wide variety of applications that come with a Zoho One license, such as SalesIQ, Zoho Books, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Campaigns to name a few.

If you already use Zoho CRM, or you are considering using it, this webinar is for you.

Though live screensharing examples in Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications, Ryan Foster shows you how to leverage Zoho CRM’s sales automation features to grow your business and get the most from your licensing fees.

You’ll specifically learn:

1. How to automate your team’s manual sales process in Zoho CRM to save hundreds of hours a year in unnecessary work. This includes lead qualification and scoring, deal management, and quote, invoice, and contract automation.

2. How to extend the power of Zoho CRM through the entire customer lifecycle by integrating it with other Zoho One applications, such as Zoho Books, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Campaigns.

3. How to leverage the incredible power of business intelligence via Zoho Analytics to analyze your sales data and embed visual dashboards directly in Zoho CRM for your team to make use of.

Ryan Foster

Ryan Foster, Founder & Managing Director of RFDM Solutions

How will it integrate with Quickbooks?
Hi Hans, we actually have an article that covers Zoho Books and Quickbooks integration. Perhaops this will help:

Interested overall ease of use of Zoho on a scale of 1 to 10
Hi Demetri, I think that ease of use can really depend on your previous experience in CMRs and email marketing platforms. However, I find Zoho fairly intuitive and easy to use when compared to systems like Salesforce and Pardot.

How easy is it to change the site that a lead visits from week to week for this tracking? I have a web based producted catalog in which the URL unfortunately changes every week
Hi Adam, good question! SalesIQ does allow you track multiple sites and have chat on several sites, and that information can then be added to the lead records as Ryan showed. Here’s a Zoho community answer that might help:

We are wondering the difference between Zoho one and the regular Zoho CRM and how your demo relates to our basic CRM version.

Thanks for joining us today John and great question! With Zoho One (which we feel has the most bang for your buck) provides you access to the 50+ business Zoho applications instead of paying for each individually. Check out this article here of just the few that assist with growing your business.

The lead scoring, blueprint and email process that Ryan has demoed is all possible from the standalone Zoho CRM. The only thing that wouldn’t apply would be the SalesIQ part.

Can the regular Zoho CRM subscription integrate with Quickbooks and Asana? I see reference above to Quickbooks, wondering about the Zoho subscription level required to add this integration.

Hi Lynn! Great question. Zoho CRM integrates with Asana and you should be able to find a Zoho Marketplace connector for it:

There doesn’t appear to be a subscription level limit.

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