Did you know that the BC Government is currently offering a $7500 grant to build or upgrade an ecommerce website for any BC business who sells physical products? Traditional brick and mortar retailers, as well as companies that sell products to other businesses, can qualify to receive this grant, and have up to 75% of their new website expenses covered. This grant covers the costs of ecommerce web development (e.g. getting your products online, setting up your shopping cart, checkout, and online payment processing), as well as digital marketing expenses such as search engine optimization & online software costs.

But how do you know if you qualify, and what is the application process? How do you choose the right ecommerce website platform? What digital marketing services does it cover? Please join us for a webinar led by Ryan Foster, Founder and Managing Director of Victoria-based ecommerce and marketing experts RFDM Solutions, for an informative discussion of the Launch Online program, which will include answers to the following questions:

1. What type of local businesses can qualify for the $7500 Launch Online Grant?
2. What type of ecommerce technologies does the Launch Online grant provide funding for and how do I choose the right website software platform for my business?
3. What type of digital marketing services does the Launch Online grant provide funding for?
4. If I win the Launch Online grant, what are the spending and timeline requirements for creating the website? Who actually does the work?

Ryan Foster

Ryan Foster, Founder & Managing Director of RFDM Solutions