Rackets & Runners

Rackets & Runners is a sporting goods stores providing a wide range of technical equipment and apparel. They expanded their business from a brick-and-mortar location in Vancouver to e-commerce in 2020.


  • Paid Advertising Management

  • Website SEO

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Google Analytics Setup & Optimization

Paid Advertising Management & Website SEO

Rackets & Runners is a sporting goods store providing a wide range of technical equipment and apparel. They expanded their business from a brick-and-mortar location in Vancouver to e-commerce in 2020.

The Project

Rackets & Runners sought to extend their reach by expanding to eCommerce, continuing to provide service to regular customers while reaching new and untapped audiences. This expansion helped to maintain sales while ensuring the complied with regional COVID restrictions governing in-person shopping in early 2020. The team wanted to augment their online brand recognition as a well-established local store operating in Vancouver for over 40 years.

Our Solutions

RFDM firstly initiated a setup of Google Analytics to provide eCommerce and conversion tracking. Our team then created a Google Merchant account, which was synchronized with the Rackets & Runners Shopify store for paid and free listings in Google Shopping. In order to create product catalogs for social selling, RFDM then set up a product feed between Shopify and Facebook.

Additionally, RFDM undertook the creation and management of Google Ads – both Search and Shopping ads. We then worked with the Rackets and Runners team to provide additional marketing reach by promoting products and articles on the client’s Facebook and Instagram channels. Additionally, RFDM optimized the client’s Google My Business and Bing Places accounts to improve organic brand recognition and reach. Our team then set about creating dashboards in Google Data Studio to provide reporting tools, helping to better visualize site traffic breakdowns, product performance, and various visitor demographics. Finally, when the client updated their site to a more robust build in 2021, RFDM provided SEO services to optimize site content and improve search engine rankings for core Collections pages and articles.


RFDM’s efforts in managing and optimizing Rackets & Runners’ paid advertising and digital marketing channels resulted in a significant increase in year over year online revenue. The client noted steady growth over their first year as an online retailer, followed by continued and substantial growth across all channels for site traffic, visitor volume, and revenue after the second year. As an insourced marketing asset, RFDM worked to create and implement a cohesive marketing strategy in conjunction with the client’s in-house marketing team.

“Rackets & Runners has had a great experience with RFDM Solutions handling our digital marketing for the last 6 months. They created and managed paid campaigns for search, shopping and social media to increase local and national brand awareness for our company. Due to this, we have seen month over month growth in both site visitors and e-commerce results. RFDM took care of setting up and testing the tracking in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, as well as resolving issues between Shopify and Google Merchant Center. On top of everything else, they provided valuable content insights based on search terms they came across.

Laura and the team are always happy to answer questions, troubleshoot issues and create custom dashboards on request. We would highly recommend them to others who are looking for digital marketing services and we are confident that they offer the same professionalism and attention to detail in their other service offerings.”

– Vanda Borean – Owner of Rackets & Runners

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