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Our talented team is passionate about hard work and serious about having fun with what we do. We are marketing professionals, developers, designers, pet parents, kayakers and songwriters who deliver high-quality results and innovative solutions customized to our clients needs. 

Nominated For Employer Of The Year 2023

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that RFDM Solutions was nominated for the prestigious VIATEC Community Employer of the Year award in 2023. This recognition reflects our commitment to fostering a positive and supportive work environment. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team whose hard work and enthusiasm have contributed to this remarkable achievement.

Ryan Foster

Founder & Managing Director

Ryan has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and CRM consulting, with a background in the automotive, apparel and software industries. His career has included time spent as a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist for AutoTrader Canada as well as a CRM & Marketing Automation Strategy Consultant for organizations as diverse as Manulife, Leatherman, and the United Nations Refugee Agency.

He enjoys songwriting, tennis, and when not working can be found reading a book at his favorite diner or spending time with his lovely partner and their pets.

Karren LeGear

Chief Operating Officer

Karren has an established reputation for relationship building. Her background in hospitality management and administration helped her to hone the soft skills she uses to champion RFDM’s strategic partnership program while also managing client relationships, hiring, and business operations. She is an innovative and versatile leader, both in the workplace and as a mentor in the community. 

When not shaking hands and winning hearts and minds, Karren revels in the many delights the West Coast has to offer, enjoys snuggles with her pint-sized pup, and heads off on family adventures near and far. 

Laura Butcher

Director of Digital Marketing

Laura is a digital marketer who has been an administrator and editor for a number of online publications, ranging from cybersecurity to fashion and lifestyle. She creates and implements comprehensive digital marketing strategies for B2B and ecommerce sites, SEO, brand development and social media presence. Laura is also proficient in email marketing, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot experience and Marketo certification. 

She is a voracious reader, a novice roller skater, and can often be found making up theme songs for each of her client accounts.

Ken Brown

Director of Development

Ken has experience with database management, full-stack web development, mobile app development, and more. He is Salesforce Certified and specializes in custom CRM integrations. He is also our go-to person for inhouse IT, as he can figure out anything. Ken has an Information & Computer Systems diploma from Camosun College and received the VIATEC Award for Computer Systems Technology in 2019.

He is a mysterious dude. To know him is to love him.

Michael Rogers

Senior Business Solutions Executive

Michael is a man of many talents. After achieving his MSc in geology, he spent some using his applied geochemistry specialty in the industry before moving into craft beer sales. Following graduation from Salescamp, he transitioned into tech sales and found his way to RFDM.

When Michael isn’t networking and pitching, you might find him working on his golf swing – or up early keeping up with the Premier League.

James Simpson

Digital Marketing Specialist

James is passionate about empowering clients to unlock measurable results. He delivers creative solutions that consistently exceed client expectations and approaches everything with a results-oriented mindset. Committed to staying on top of the latest tech-based marketing tools, he is always looking for ground-breaking ways to help his clients thrive.

When he’s not working, he loves to ski, paddleboard, travel, and exercise. He is always seeking out new challenges and experiences — and he brings this same drive and enthusiasm to his work.

Violeta Martin

Project Coordinator

As a well-versed project coordinator, Violeta has mastered managing complex projects from inception to completion with ease. Her towering communication skills enable her to build strong working relationships with project stakeholders while seamlessly managing expectations throughout the project lifecycle. Her strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail empower her to ensure project teams can meet deadlines and reach unique business goals.

When she’s not ensuring projects are on track, Violeta loves to go for long runs alongside the water, take her dog Ben for walks by the beach, read, and relish in the great outdoors!

Elena Grebenyuk

Business Solutions Representative

Born and raised in Ukraine, Elena traveled the world to study and then independently teach languages. Her background in hospitality, strong communication skills, and natural ability to establish connections led her to the B2B Sales Bootcamp by Palette Skills and her speciality in tech sales. Elena also co-founded the nonprofit Tech2Step where they empower women+ in tech and provide a supportive community. 

Outside of work, Elena enjoys the outdoors, biking, hiking and paddleboarding as the Vancouver weather allows, and learning the tango.

Matt Carrier

CRM & Database Developer

As an accomplished CRM & Database Developer, Matt builds cutting-edge solutions that streamline and enhance business processes. Having worked with a wide range of CRM and database platforms — including Salesforce — Matt offers a deep understanding of database architecture. He develops CRM workflows tailored to custom requirements, implementing systems that automate tasks and drive growth.

During his free time, Matt enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. He also knows his way around a kitchen, and likes to make scrumptious meals!


Chief Barketing Officer

Ellie is an enthusiastic go-getter who works tirelessly at a problem until it is solved. While fairly green to digital marketing, she has proven herself an invaluable member of the team. 

Ellie enjoys peanut butter, focused attention, and incredibly long walks just about anywhere.


Perpetual Employee of the Month

Blue brings a laid back West Coast approach to everything he does. With wisdom beyond his years, he is an excellent sounding board for all team members. 

Blue enjoys trips to Tofino, anything you might be eating in front of him, and sitting in other people’s chairs instead of on the floor.

About RFDM

RFDM is a business technology solutions firm based in Victoria, BC, founded by current Managing Director, Ryan Foster in 2017. Our focus is on delivering revenue results for businesses through custom built marketing and sales cloud solutions. Our services include: CRM consulting and development, digital marketing, website development, marketing automation, and custom business applications for web and mobile.

RFDM simplifies the entire process for our clients, no matter the project, by first sitting down with them to understand their business goals and any obstacles they are currently facing in achieving them. We are then able to create a custom solution that is a perfect fit for our client’s business and their budget. With a wide range of industry experience, we have created solutions for wineries, software as a service (SaaS) companies, car dealerships, non-profits, real estate management firms, online jewelry companies, and venture capital firms. We’re proud of the results we get for our clients, and think their testimonials speak for themselves.

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