Marigold Co-operative Housing is a community of people coming together to provide an affordable housing solution within Victoria, Canada.


  • Web Design & Development

  • Custom Community Intranet

  • Multi-Level Permission Sets for Security & Visibility

  • Multi-Stage Website & Intranet Forms

  • Migration & Centralization of User Member Data

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager Setup

Website & Custom Intranet Solution

Marigold Co-operative Housing is a community of people coming together to provide an affordable housing solution within Victoria, Canada.

The Problem

As an established name in Canadian co-operative housing, Marigold’s primary focus was to expand their leadership within the sector with a modernized website and custom intranet solution for community members. Not only did they require a visual facelift for the website, but they were also looking for a website that is mobile ready and user-friendly for all ages. 

Additionally, Marigold Co-op had a membership platform that wasn’t being used due to its lack of practicality and cumbersome admin functionality. The co-operative was seeking out a community intranet that provided a user-friendly dashboard with an editable calendar, ability to streamline work order requests, and provide a safe space for members to share information from events, meetings and communication to one another. 

Marigold prides themselves on ensuring the safety and security of all their members, so as a final request they required a multi-level permission set that would limit full visibility and provide security for community and board members.

Our Approach

As Marigold is run by members volunteering their time, we wanted to ensure we had a full understanding of what functionalities could be put in place to not only provide an accessible website and intranet but relieve some admin processes. This would assist with efficiency in areas such as getting information to members in a timely manner, giving members the ability to directly request maintenance requests, and searchability of any resources provided by Marigold Co-operative. After discovery and design sessions, we achieved a clear understanding of the asks, but also uncovered a few additional needs that we could solve in the modernization process.

The Solution

The website originally had an abundance of information. To keep visitors engaged and have the information accessible, we organized it into a multi-page site. A sticky navigation bar was added, as well as an additional side menu pop-out that users could opt out of. 

We developed multiple form solutions on both the website and intranet to step away from downloadable PDF forms. The website had a PDF application form that we transitioned into a multi-stage form to show applicants the length before they begin, as well as the progress as they fill it out. Once submitted, the information would automatically get divided as needed: financials to the accounting team and housing applications to the membership board for review. This saves administration time from completing it all manually.

Our main goals for the intranet were to migrate all of the data, make admin processes more efficient, and to create a place that members would want to engage with. It was imperative that the platform and its tools be accessible for people with all levels of technological comfort. It was designed to have a prominent events calendar that would show any upcoming social activities or meetings, a side navigation menu, most recent notices, and large eye catching buttons.

Additionally, we added a “Make a Request” section where forms are created in the intranet to process any type of co-op request. This ensures that the correct individuals would receive requests directly, eliminating the need for a middle person co-ordinating all of the requests, but with the ability to provide oversight as needed.

The Benefits

While the functionality of the website and intranet solution provides a new industry-leading experience for its web users and current co-op members, Marigold’s visual redesign creates a cohesive branded appeal and a polished and professional presence within the co-operative housing community.

“We approached RFDM Solutions for an updated website and were not disappointed. They asked us what we had in mind, asked pertinent questions, and listened to our concerns and needs. After investigating options, they presented their ideas in a clear and well thought out presentation, coached us on how the final site would look and feel, and made final recommendations. The whole time we felt no pressure, and the team were happy to answer all of our questions with clarity and patience. Our new website includes a fully functional intranet for our community members that will meet our needs for years to come, and we are excited to have them create an additional custom app to help us with co-op admin.”

Jay Watts

Jay Watts, President Board of Directors, Marigold Co-operative

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