Retail Analytics: Mobile Tracking and Messaging

Retail Analytics: Mobile Tracking and Messaging

by admin

We help you:

  • Understand why customers visited your physical store by connecting your online marketing campaigns and web analytics with your retail store data.
  • Setup in-store Bluetooth beacon and Wi-Fi systems that interact with customer’s mobile devices to track physical store visits and behavior.
  • Send personalized push notifications directly to customer’s mobile phones in your store or when even when they are just in the area

Service List & Details:

One of the biggest challenges that physical retailers face in the digital world is linking their online marketing strategies with actual in-store visits and behavior. Was it your lastest social media post, Adwords campaign, or Google Business listing that actually brought customers to your store this week? Which of these online marketing methods is actually leading to sales, as opposed to just customers who like to browse in retail stores and then buy online or somewhere else? Our Web to Store Tracking solutions remove this guesswork to give you the full picture of why people are visiting your store, and what marketing channels are leading to sales. Get in touch to find out more about this service and how it can be a gamechanger for your online strategy.

Give customers an incentive to visit your physical store by offering them digital coupons on your website and through email promotions. They can store these coupons on their mobile device and redeem them in store at your store checkout. In addition, send push notifications directly to your customer’s mobile devices when they enter your store, or pass nearby to let them know about any daily sales you’re running. This is a highly effective strategy to drive additional visits to your physical store provide customers with personalized messages that lead to sales. Get in touch for a free consultation.