Ecommerce Website Design and Optimization

Even small changes to improve your customer’s online shopping experience can lead to big increases in revenue

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Ecommerce Website Design and Optimization

Even small changes to improve your customer’s online shopping experience can lead to big increases in revenue

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We help you:

  • Upgrade your website with the newest revenue generating technologies
  • Generate more sales by identifying website visitors who are most likely to buy
  • Personalize your customers’ online shopping experience to build trust and loyalty
  • Identify and remove obstacles that may prevent customers from purchasing
  • Streamline your existing digital marketing campaigns to generate more sales

Service List & Details:

Are you looking to launch an affordable ecommerce website, update from an older design, or extend your product catalog onto a mobile app? Get in touch to discuss our affordable WordPress based ecommerce website solutions.

First, we perform a full audit of your online sales process to discover opportunities to boost revenue generation. Second, we create a strategy for taking advantage of these opportunities, and work with your team to implement it. Get in touch for a free consultation.

We create a user specific tracking model that unlocks the massive potential of personalization: knowing the behavior and preferences of all of your customers, even when they’re still anonymous website visitors. This allows you to identify the customers most likely to buy based on their behavior, and also reach out to them directly with personalized web chat and email messages while they browse. The benefits of moving to a personalized marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Get in touch to find out more about this service and how it can be a gamechanger for your online strategy.

In this service offering, we focus on optimizing and enhancing your existing digital marketing campaigns to bring more qualified customers to your site, and boost your overall sales. Get in touch for a completely free consultation – we’d love to hear about your digital marketing strategy, and how we can help you reach your goals.

What is Ecommerce Optimization?

Ecommerce optimization is the process of using data driven insights to create a highly personalized and user friendly online shopping experience. Optimized websites lead to customers browsing longer, making more return visits, and buying more of your products. We offer a range of services that include Data Driven Personalization, Website Conversion Optimization, Digital Marketing Optimization, and Ecommerce Website and App Development.

3 Reasons Why Every Online Business Needs Ecommerce Optimization

Small Effort for a High Payoff

Online businesses expend a great deal of time, effort, and money on marketing campaigns to attract customers to their online store. By contrast, most companies do not invest much time at all in optimizing their customers’ online shopping experience once they do arrive. This is an interesting contradiction when we consider that it takes much less effort to sell your product to an interested customer than it is to stand out from your competitors and attract them to your site in the first place.

Ecommerce optimization often involves making small, relatively inexpensive changes to your website that ensure the maximum return from interested customers and your marketing budget. These strategies include, but are not limited to: unique visitor tracking, personalized content and messages, conversion path analysis, A/B testing, landing page analysis, and user experience testing.

65 Statistics About E-commerce Consumer Psychology

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Stand out from the Competition & Build Reputation

The explosion of online stores and growth of mega retailers such as Amazon have radically changed consumer expectations over the past decade. Customers have more choice now than ever, and they make purchase decisions based on how your business comes across during their visit to your site.

Insights Based on Real Data, Not Guesses

Ecommerce optimization is about making decisions based on real data about the way people behave on your website, and while online shopping in general. These insights can not only serve to increase sales from your existing website traffic, but can also help you adjust your overall online marketing strategy. Ultimately, when improvements in sales happen, you’ll know precisely why they happened, and this gives can give you the confidence to invest in marketing strategies that have a proven track record.