New marketing automation technologies offer powerful options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By using marketing automation features, you can engage and interact with leads more consistently, increase lead conversion rates, and more easily collect data to assess your conversion process. All of this saves time, which frees you up to spend time doing the parts of your business that require more direct human engagement.

Zoho One’s suite of cloud applications is one of the single best software packages available, offering best-in-class marketing automation features. In addition to its own features, you can easily integrate Zoho with your existing ecommerce platforms. It comes with pre-existing integrations for a number of ecommerce platforms and offers an easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) API for other integrations.

Despite it’s best-in-class features and easy integrations, we’ve found that clients aren’t always using Zoho to its full capacities. In light of this, here are some easy steps to follow to leverage Zoho marketing automation to bring in more leads and boost sales.

4 Steps to Gain and Retain Leads with Zoho Marketing Automation

Step 1: Build Web Forms in Zoho CRM

Given they’re a central aspect of marketing automation, the first thing to do is build web forms in Zoho CRM. With Zoho, you can build forms without having to write code. Use the easy drag and drop web form editor and customize web form design so the required fields are catered to your marketing plan. You can then embed these web forms into WordPress, Facebook, and other platforms.

Zoho marketing automation webforms

You can customize colour, font, form width and alignment in Zoho CRM Webforms.

Once you’ve done this, you won’t need integrations or third-party SaaS platforms. Zoho captures lead information directly into your CRM and can automatically assign leads to sales reps. Once you have this all setup, you can use the lead information in your CRM to review web form performance and improve lead generation. Basically, you want to check lead information to see why leads did (or didn’t) submit a web form. To do this, conduct A/B testing to check the performance and conversion rates for different web forms. Then, use this information to tweak your web forms to bring in the right leads if you’re existing ones aren’t helping you to achieve your business or marketing goals.

Step 2: Setup Pop-up Forms

The next step is setting up pop-up forms on your website. We know: everyone claims that pop-up forms are the most annoying part of a website. But anytime someone visits your site, you want to provide a call to action and, the fact is, pop-up forms work. They increase conversion rates. Pop-up forms are one of those things people just love to hate.

Zoho marketing automation Popup Forms

Select a Pop-up form template and customize it to match your brand.

Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Hub make creating pop-up forms easy. First, embed pop-up forms in the HTML code on your site. Then set the pop-up conditions so you can trigger them at a certain time-on-page or on entrance and exit. Zoho provides different templates that you can adapt to your brand or you can create one from scratch with the drag and drop builder. The key thing is that you want to use pop-up forms to drive subscriptions and grow email lists, so make sure to make an appealing call to action.

Step 3: Create Email Campaigns

One of the best ways to leverage Zoho’s marketing automation features is through email campaigns. Creating email campaigns with Zoho Campaigns is straightforward and similar to most other automation services like MailChimp, GetResponse and Pardot. As with pop-up forms, you can choose from a variety of templates or you can create your own in the HTML code editor or import pre-designed HTML and CSS files. Once you’ve set up your email campaign, use the workflow features to automate the email contact and follow-up process, and customize emails based on website behaviour and interaction with previous emails. If you have a large email list, make sure to automate the emails so they are sent in batches to control traffic to your site. This helps to prevent strain on your server.

Zoho marketing automationEmail Campaign

Choose a template to customize, or upload your own.

We really like working with Zoho Campaigns because the user interface is easy to use and understand, whereas some email builders are more complex than they need to be.

zoho CRM consultation

Step 4: Utilize Workflows

Leveraging marketing automation allows you to have constant engagement with your audience. You want to stay top of mind, so they don’t forget about your brand and offerings. Automated workflows in Zoho Campaigns allow you to set up tasks that are carried out automatically when certain conditions are met. First, setup your workflows so that when a lead is created in your CRM, an email list invitation is automatically sent out. Next, establish a lead score rating system and setup your workflows to automatically send a “discovery call” email to a lead when they hit a certain score. Zoho offers a variety of pre-built workflow templates that you can use as is or you can customize them. You can also create custom workflows as needed in a drag and drop builder. Once you have these set up, schedule drip emails and create sophisticated workflows for the leads to pass through based on their responses or interests and then apply lead scoring based on their actions. All of this helps execute your marketing plan without you having to do individual tasks manually.

Zoho marketing automation Workflow

Build a custom Workflow or use one of the many Workflow templates.

Workflows is where we were most surprised with the development of Zoho Campaigns. Having worked with Pardot, we didn’t expect to see a comparable product. Not only is Zoho comparable, it’s more user-friendly.

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