As you may have already discovered, marketing CBD products online can be a difficult task. Online advertising with CBD is heavily regulated, making it very difficult to maintain a constant presence in the market. When marketing CBD online, it’s best to focus on content marketing strategies to get traffic to your site.

4 Strategies for Marketing CBD Online

Create a Blog

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to get visitors to your site without paying for advertising. Creating and maintaining a blog allows you to consistently add new keywords to your ecommerce site, giving you a better chance of bringing in traffic from search engines. Adding frequent and relevant new content to your site will show search engines that you mean business, and will help you climb the page ranks.

Do make sure that your content is useful, accurate, and well written. Google does actually penalize sites for publishing poor quality material. And make sure to include a call-to-action that leads back to your product in every post.

Share on Social

Maintaining social media accounts for CBD ecommerce companies has proven tricky in the past. In early 2019, Facebook shut down the pages for several CBD and hemp companies, though it now states that this was a mistake. Why am I giving you the bad news first? Because the good news is that it is still possible to have a social account for your CBD ecomm business.

Rather than using your social accounts to flog your wares, I recommend using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share the content you create for your blog. Instagram is excellent for sharing product shots and lifestyle images you want associatedd with your products. Take advantage of popular hashtags to get your articles and products out there, and to spread the word about your company.  

Build a Relationship

Creating a sense of trust with the customer will keep them coming back for more. It also makes them more likely to tell a friend. Setting up a support portal with frequently asked questions and the ability to contact you or your team will go a long way towards helping you build this trust. So will a quick response time, so be sure to have someone dedicated to this task. 

You may also want to consider doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit for your business. It’s a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and humanize your company, while marketing CBD at the same time.

Simple Navigation

Above all of this is the ease with which customers can navigate your website. If it isn’t easy to figure out at first glance, visitors will bounce. Make sure your navigation menu is clearly laid out along the top of the page and always visible.

For a visual example, have a look at the website of Our Remedies. Not only is the site structure clear from the first moment you view the page, they also use a sidebar with features like categories and price to make the navigation experience even easier on their product page.

These four tips should help you on your way to gaining traffic and growing your customer base without spending money to advertise. Fore more information on ecommerce and marketing CBD and hemp products, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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