Misaligned operations can cost you time and money, usually quite a lot. HubSpot’s new tool, Operations Hub, can help business owners and operations professionals find areas to improve efficiencies and help your teams be more effective, allowing you to capitalize more effectively capitalize on business opportunities.

How HubSpot’s Operations Hub Can Transform Your Revenue Operations

Growing your business is an exciting time, but it often comes with some growing pains. As your operations team expands and takes on more responsibility, your old systems and processes might feel outdated, messy, or simply misaligned with your new goals. That’s where HubSpot’s new Operations Hub comes in. With solutions for connecting tools, collecting data, and linking your processes, Operations Hub will transform your Revenue Operations, helping your business scale while maximizing operational efficiency.

4 Common Issues Facing Operations Professionals

There are four issues that almost every operations professional will face when their company grows:

  1. Gaps in customer experiences due to siloed operations teams. 
  2. An inability to innovate quickly due to the larger size of teams. 
  3. Inefficient investment in your company due to poor Business Intelligence (BI).
  4. Outdated processes that lead to wasted time, difficulty competing, and ultimately, lost opportunities.
HubSpot's Operations Hub helps improve revenue operations.

HubSpot’s Operations Hub helps improve revenue operations by utilizing data sync, data quality automation, and programmable automation. Used correctly, this tool aligns your operations, improves revenue, improves efficiencies, and provides better business intelligence.

How Operations Hub Helps

If you’re trying to avoid these growing pains by embracing RevOps, you’ll find Operations Hub to be game-changing. RevOps is a framework that keeps your internal operations teams on the same page by aligning the customer journey through both sales and marketing so that your customers move seamlessly through your pipeline. 

Operations Hub makes this easy by connecting apps across departments, organizing customer data, and automating certain business processes. The software solves for the challenges listed above by integrating siloed teams, increasing operations speed via aligned systems, and enabling customer-first innovation. All the while helping you build a unified mission and strategy. Operations Hub is particularly useful for industries with legacy or outdated systems, which can include law firms, non-profits, and car dealerships.

Core Features

Operations Hub has three notable features that make it so powerful:

1) Data Sync automatically switches all data into a consistent format in your HubSpot CRM, no matter what app it’s from. It syncs in two directions in real-time – no coding necessary.

2) Data Quality Automation helps clean and organize raw data to give it meaning and value.

3) Programmable Automation includes three custom code actions. These can automate pretty much anything in your company, from territory management and lead rotation to renewals and post-sale.

Our Thoughts on HubSpot’s Operations Hub

When a company scales, operations professionals often find themselves reacting to a series of problems rather than proactively streamlining new processes and systems. Operations Hub puts operational leaders ahead of the curve and makes implementing RevOps seamless with improved integrations, more robust data quality tools, and more flexible automation. HubSpot Operations Hub is an exciting tool that will help many businesses modernize and harmonize their operations to reduce costs and improve revenue. Companies that put data first and can act on it will outperform their competitors.

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