Marketing looks a lot different in 2021: marketing budgets have taken a significant hit, and marketing spending in 2022 is expected to be 30% less than in 2019. As a result, today’s companies need to build a lean marketing machine that delivers the best value, dollar for dollar. What exactly this looks like is organization-dependent, but a hybrid insource marketing team is the most cost-efficient and effective use of your marketing funds. 

What Is Insource Marketing?

Insourcing means the opposite of outsourcing: it means you source talent internally, rather than looking for it outside of your organization. An insourced marketing team will include a dedicated group of marketing employees who get paid wages and benefits. Ideally, they are immersed in your brand and develop the kind of flexible expertise that allows them to work on a range of marketing projects for your company. There are a few reasons why brands typically opt for insource marketing. 

Increased Customization and Cross-Team Collaboration

Because your insource marketing team members are on-staff, they will be familiar with your brand, your industry, and your customer base. You’ll be able to skip the “getting to know you” phase and get right to customized marketing campaigns. 

It’ll also be easier to collaborate across teams because everyone is in-house. Having an insource marketing team will streamline communication and integration with your sales team, and ultimately, a tightly aligned sales and marketing team will build a more effective conversion funnel

Greater Task Flexibility

Your in-house marketing team can jump on initiatives big and small without having to modify their job scope or draw up a new contract. This means they can attend to smaller projects, like updating product or landing pages, and more easily pivot when a specific campaign needs to be redesigned. In contrast, outsourced marketing contracts are generally too rigid for this kind of responsiveness and adaptability. 

Increased Control and Brand Management

Because you will structure and hire your insource marketing team yourself, you will have greater control over recruiting and training and can better identify a “culture fit” whose talents will complement those of existing team members. When assembling a team for a specific project, you can hand-pick people for your task force based on their demonstrated skills and the project’s unique goals. And once everyone is officially on-boarded, you can more easily control the process, guidelines, and day-to-day management of your brand. 

What Is Hybrid Insource Marketing?

Now, what if we told you that you could have all of the benefits of an insource marketing team above while reaping the benefits of an outsourced marketing team?

Hiring an outsourced marketing team will often be more cost-effective because you don’t have to pay anyone a full-time salary and benefits for competitive marketing content. Outside teams will come to you with the requisite skill set, so you can avoid the time and costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training a full-time employee. And outsourcing your marketing can foster diversity of thought and expertise since you can bring in bona fide marketing experts with a proven track record. 

RFDM can provide the best of both worlds because we are an outsourced marketing team that integrates with your existing marketing team members to create and expertly execute your marketing strategy. We’re a cost-effective option for ongoing marketing campaigns because you won’t have to cover any of our salaries, benefits, or equipment. We’re also a great stop-gap if you are in the process of hiring the perfect insource marketing team but need to keep your marketing initiatives humming in the meantime. Or RFDM can come in to build a solid marketing foundation that you can make your own once you’ve got your dream team in place. 

RFDM Solutions as Your Insourced Marketing Team

team photoWith RFDM as your insourced team, we become a seamless extension of your business, ensuring high-quality work that is a reflection of our extensive experience in a variety of areas. For example, RFDM can offer more than just digital marketing experts: we also have designers and developers to assist with marketing stack setup or creation of visual assets like display ads, videos, and landing pages. Having us on board frees up bandwidth for the leaders who have other things on their plate. We liaise with managers, directors, and executives when building and executing a custom marketing strategy and take on certain executive responsibilities, like running weekly meetings to review campaign progress and alignment with client expectations. This allows us to make the most of regular feedback from the in-house team – since they know their business better than anyone else – while letting us do what we do best: full-stack marketing that will attract, engage, close, and retain your customers. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. 

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