Collaboration between your sales and marketing teams has never been more important, because potential customers now have so many ways to engage with your company. These days, buyers don’t have just one path down the traditional “marketing to sales to customer” funnel. For example, a buyer who is already sold on your product based on a social media post can skip talking with a sales rep. On the other hand, a more wary customer may need to talk with a sales rep and then require additional follow-up in the form of targeted webinars, blog posts or white papers before closing the deal. All this to say, different customers require different tactics, and unless your sales and marketing teams are in tight alignment, you won’t be able to meet customers where they are in the purchase journey. 

Why Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Companies without an integrated sales and marketing process may struggle with choppy communication, confusion around where teams should connect, difficulty reporting on each team’s efforts, and all too frequently, lost opportunities or leads. Without alignment, there will be friction between marketing goals and sales goals. This might look like the marketing team chasing down a lead that the sales team has already identified as a poor product fit. Without this intel from the sales team, the marketing team continues to spend money bringing in leads that won’t make it through the sales pipeline. The result is high frustration, and lots of finger pointing. To avoid this, sales and marketing teams need to operate using the same information, so that marketing can be more agile with their strategy and deliver to the sales team the kind of leads who will sign on the dotted line.  

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How HubSpot Brings Your Teams Together

HubSpot, specifically Sales Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Professional, gets everyone along the funnel on the same page. It allows your sales and marketing teams to work from one place, with all your information and customer insights centralized. Sales Hub Pro and Marketing Hub Pro features allow you to create workflows that automatically update where a subscriber, contact, or marketing-qualified lead is in their purchase journey, and the platform will push contacts to lists for nurturing with email marketing campaigns. This automation streamlines efforts along the funnel, while removing human error and saving time for both teams. And the integrated ads area and related dashboards help both teams the success of their efforts all in one place. 

In addition to tightening alignment, Sales Hub Pro and Marketing Hub Pro also make the processes for their respective teams more effective. 

Sales Hub Pro

Sales Hub Pro boasts a number of features that can transform simple sales processes into a revenue generating sales engine. It offers: 

  • Access to unlimited custom reports and one dashboard to view and manage reporting. 
  • Predictive lead scoring based on a proprietary algorithm that is more reliable for small-to-medium businesses with less data. 
  • Smart notifications that help you prioritize your outreach by surfacing the hottest engaged leads. 
  • Sequence queues, sales email recommendations, and a quote generation tool that allows you to send large amounts of fully personalized emails to your contacts, with insights that will help you tailor your message to the recipients.

Marketing Hub Pro

Much like Sales Hub Pro, Marketing Hub Pro can integrate with the rest of the company’s tech stack to improve efficiency and maximize a team member’s time. It offers: 

  • CRM with access to contact behavior tracking information that enables team members to make better, more informed decisions around their leads, prospects, and customers.
  • The ability to customize landing pages and generate follow-up emails without involving designers or developers. This makes lead capture much easier and eliminates the need for multiple workflows in order to create and utilize a landing page for lead generation.
  • Ad integration helps marketers analyze the performance of their ads across platforms and funnels that data back to contact records in your CRM. This means all of your teams have access to ad information and attribution, while helping the marketing team understand what is actually driving conversions and revenue.

3 Key Tips to Align Sales and Marketing with HubSpot

While Sales Hub Pro and Marketing Hub Pro are certainly valuable on their own, they are most powerful when used in tandem. (In fact, aligned sales and marketing teams are 6% more likely to exceed their revenue goals.) Here’s what you can do to align your sales and marketing teams using Hubspot:

  1. Sales and marketing teams create a service-level agreement by evaluating gaps in current processes and agreeing on overarching goals. Teams then discuss future campaigns, what assets are needed for marketing and sales, and how each can execute.
  2. Teams identify which HubSpot automations to use for updating lifecycle stages, getting appropriate people into lists for nurturing, and generating email sends.
  3. Teams identify which metrics and/or reports will be used to determine success. 

Sales Hub Pro and Marketing Hub Pro integrate seamlessly, which makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate on campaigns, tailor outreach based on customer insight, and design targeted content (e.g., marketing writes a blog post that sales can use to generate interest). With these two teams working synergistically, using centralized emails, dashboards, and pipelines, lead generation becomes more effective and processes become more customer-centric. And customizing your approach to prospects, no matter where they are in the funnel, eliminates friction for the customer and can be the difference between losing the lead or sealing the deal.

Coordinating Sales and Marketing Efforts with RFDM

Making sure that your sales and marketing teams are aligned is the first step to any successful campaign. We at RFDM have experience working with both marketing and sales to execute thriving campaigns, including account-based marketing, within HubSpot. Contact us for a free consultation about HubSpot for your business.


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