Having a career page on your company website can make a great first impression for applicants. Zoho Recruit allows businesses to easily create a branded career site with a custom application process that works perfectly as a careers page for existing sites. If you’re thinking of creating a Zoho Recruit careers page to streamline your hiring process, these are our top 3 tips.

3 Tips for Building a Zoho Recruit Careers Page

1. Decide where you want to host your career site.

You can set up Zoho Recruit to run entirely from within Zoho. By creating a [company].zohorecruit.com portal you can post jobs and have candidates register and apply all in one place. If you want to add a touch of polish, Zoho allows users to setup a subdomain with their current site. With just a little bit of DNS admin you can keep you brand in full view.

2. Get your ducks in a row.

Using the Zoho Recruit Career Page and Application Portal is a great way to take charge of your recruitment process. It provides you with control over your postings and applicants in ways that many pay-per-listing job sites don’t, but your careers page is just the tip of the iceberg. Before you publish your career page, make sure to spend some time creating and customizing your job postings and application form. This really allows you to get the information you need from candidates to help you make the right decision. You can even customize your entire application process and notifications.

3. No code required, but it helps.

With Zoho Recruit there is no need to worry about writing a single bracket to run your career page, and with the new version of the new career website tools, you can customize your logo, fonts, colors and layouts with a click. But just like Recruit’s other tools, there is so much more possible with a bit of code magic. You can transform your application process and even embed your listings and applications forms directly onto your website, giving you even more control.

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