About RFDM Solutions

About RFDM Solutions

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About RFDM

RFDM is a business technology solutions firm based in Victoria, BC, founded by current Managing Director, Ryan Foster in 2017. Our focus is on delivering revenue results for small and medium businesses through custom built marketing and sales cloud solutions. Our services include: CRM development, Marketing Automation, Custom Business Applications for Web and Mobile, Digital Marketing, and WordPress Website Development.

Our experience is that most businesses face significant challenges when it comes to choosing the proper mix of cloud technologies to help grow their business. The sheer volume of sales and marketing cloud technologies now available create a massive research burden on business owners and managers, who must wade through a vast online forest of feature sets, price tiers, sales pitches, and support package offerings. Beyond this is the added challenge of training staff or hiring a reliable partner who can then implement the solution, customize it, and ultimately manage it and provide support.

RFDM simplifies the entire process for our clients by first sitting down with them to understand their business goals and any obstacles they are currently facing in achieving them. We are then able to create a custom cloud solution that is a perfect fit for our client’s business and their budget. With a wide range of industry experience, we have created solutions for wineries, software as service (Saas) companies, car dealerships, non-profits, real estate management firms, online jewelry companies, and venture capital firms. We’re proud of the results we get for our clients, and think their testimonials speak for themselves.

Ryan has over a decade of experience working in the industry, with time spent as a Salesforce consultant, a senior digital marketing manager in the automotive, apparel, and software industries, and as an entrepreneur building startups.